Wow, just so you know, playing with 10-25 primary to middleschool aged students all day can get tiring!!! This past week and the following week, Darc and I are helping out with a school holiday program run by the community center we do some of our other volunteering through. Since kids are out of school for two weeks, a lot of them don’t have much to do, so the community center decided it would be a good idea to have some activities during the break that keep the kids occupied: things like crafts, sports, cooking, you get the idea…Since we already work with them and they know us well, they asked us to help, which we were more than happy to do. We have two sessions a day, one from 10-12:30, the other from 1:30-4, Monday through Thursday. It’s been exhausting, but it has been worth every minute of it. Not only do we get to help the kids have fun during the day, but we get to be an influence in their lives. The community center plans to do these holiday programs during all 4 holiday breaks each year, so we look forward to having a continuing influence on the lives of the kids in the neighborhood. They’ve also recently asked us to be a part of a committee that plans activities for kids during the course of the year. So that’s all exciting!

Not to brag or anything, but I’ve been a pretty big hit with the kids…hehe. I’ve amassed more than a few crafts from the kids, but I’ve also made a few myself.

Terry\'s works and gift

Here are a few pictures of things I’ve made though during the week.

From left to right: Flower with vase (gift for Darc), a house (made with the help of one of the girls), some budgees (Look like parrots to me, but that’s what they call them here), and a bracelet given to me by one of the girls.

Below are Darc’s creations.

Palm tree, coloring for terry, and a dragon fly

From Left to Right: Palm tree, coloring for me, and a dragon fly.

Not to brag, but I think we know who the artist in the family is…